Lucky Numbers Winner: R500 000 richer on the US Mega Millions

 | April 16 24 | 

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A wise man once said, you will never know where you luck is, so cast your net wider. This would prove to be true for one Lucky Numbers customer in our Betfred Smith Street branch. This customer placed a Bet on the US Mega Millions and won big when the R5 bet matched 4 numbers and brought back a return of R500 000.

SA’s own Mega Millions Star

Betfred brings the world's lotteries to your doorstep. One lucky customer was able to take advantage of our wide range of available lotteries and win big on the weekend's US Mega Millions draw. The results on Friday the 12th of April 2024 read 1;12;14;18;66 & Bonus Ball 16. Our Smith Street customers bet slip matched 4 numbers from the draw and walked away with Half a Million rand in their pocket. I can't imagine a better way to start the weekend. The winning customer has requested to remain anonymous. From the Betfred Family domestic and international. We would like to send our congratulations to the winner. May you winnings prove to be the first of many with us and we look forward to seeing you visit our Smith Street branch again soon. 

Play Mega Millions online

For our online customers, do not despair. The US Mega Millions is also available online for you to enjoy. Below I've summarised the available markets and the odds of each market as off the 16th of April 2024. Please note that these odds are subject to change.

Classic + Bonus

1 Ball + Power 263/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R1,320.00
2 Balls + Power 4200/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R21,005.00
3 Balls + Power 66000/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R330,005.00
4 Balls + Power 350000/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R1,750,005.00
1 Ball 21/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R110.00
1 Ball 11/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R60.00
2 Balls 190/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R955.00
3 Balls 4000/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R20,005.00
4 Balls 100000/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R500,005.00
5 Balls 150000/1 Stake R5 Pot Return R750,005.00
All Odd 30/1 Even 30/1
Sum Odd 4/5 Even 4/5
More Odd 4/5 Even 4/5
First Power Odd 7/10 Even 4/5
First Power Low 7/10 Even 4/5


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