Taurus Lucky Numbers Guide: 20 April to 20 May

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Taurus is some times associated with being Laidback, lazy and extremely stubborn. However, they do not get enough credit for being intellectual, analytical and logical. People born between the 20th of April and the 20th May are born under this star sign. 

Taurus Lucky Numbers Guide

Taurus Lucky Numbers

For year 2024 Taurus has numbers 6 & 5 as their lucky numbers. According to the Betfred dream guide the number 6 is associated with the following symbols; Ox Blood, Gentleman, & Milk. The number 5 is associated with the following symbols; Tiger, Fight & Strong Man. For 2024 Taurus should look at these numbers as the power combination. The main lucky numbers that will bring you luck and prosperity in 2024.

In addition to 6 & 5, which are this years main lucky numbers for Taurus. Here are some lucky numbers that Taurus should have in their locker that will bring good-luck; 15, 24, 33, 42, 51. According to the Betfred dream guide these numbers symbolise the following;

15. Bad Woman, Prostitute, Canary, White Horse, Small Knife

24. Mouth, Wild Cat, Vixen, Lioness, Hole, Purse

33. Little Boy, Spider

42. Tornado, Spear, Umbrella, Camel, Door

51. Car, Carrot, Orange, Vulture, Wasp

Taurus Lucky Numbers Draw

This star sign is governed by love, beauty and money. Taurus is symbolised by the bull and it shares this symbol with Wall Street. The Ox is all about the return on investment and there is no lotto that is governed by love and set to return on your bet like Fred's Hourly Powerball. What makes this Lucky Numbers draw so different, is that it is available around the clock, with a draw available at the top of each hour. That is 24 draws in 24 hours. It gives lucky numbers customers an opportunity to prepare their bet for an hour, place their bet and get their results in the next hour. Whether it's midnight, or midday, there is always a lucky numbers draw coming with Fred's Hourly Powerball.

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