Emmanuel Nkwazi

Nickname: Mr. E​

European Football

Emmanuel also known by many as Mr E, is a Product Audit Administrator at Betfred South Africa. He is a very passionate football fan and has added broadcasting to his skill set, with features on Betfred South Africa’s Television and Radio platforms. ​​

As a former amateur Football player and Coach. Mr. E’s journey began in 2013 when he joined the Sport betting industry as a Store manager and rose through the ranks to become the Product Audit Administrator he is today. With well over 10 years experience in Sports Betting and Gaming activities. Mr. E has seen his fair share of winning and losing betslips and fixtures to back and avoid. ​

Hobbies: Watching sports​​, fishing & listening to music​.

Content: European Football with a focus on the top five European leagues, predictions and analysis​.

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