Mbonisi Khubeka

Nickname: Uthisha weDiski

African and South African Football

I am an energetic sports enthusiasts who enjoys all kind of outdoor sports. Including but not limited to Football, Rugby, Cricket and Formula 1. However, my favorite by a country mile is football. I have played the sport at Amateur level, and I continue to in my community. ​​​​

My career has led me down a path that brings my passion for sports and my administrative skills together. I am currently a sports supervisor at Betfred South Africa and have been with Betfred for just over a year. My passion for the game and my work has allowed me to feature on Betfred Radio and Television as a sports analyst.​​​​

I always say, it is not always about picking the winning team. ​​​​

Hobbies​​ - Playing and coaching Football.​​​​

Motto​​ - Happiness is a choice and always find a reason to laugh​​

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